Laboratory of Receptor Biology
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Laboratory of Receptor Biology

Laboratory of Receptor Biology

Laboratory of Receptor Biology

Laboratory of Receptor Biology




Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD

Email: lefko001(at)


Administrative Staff:

Quivetta L. Lennon, Administrative Assistant

Email: quivetta(at)

Donna Addison, Administrative Assistant

Email: addis002(at)

Victoria M. Ronk, Laboratory Manager

Telephone: 919-684-2974

Fax: 919-681-9522

Email: victoria(at)


Technical Staff:

Darrell Capel, Laboratory Research Analyst

Email: capel004(at)

Katherine Harley, Research Technician III

Email: katherine(at)

Chris Ingersoll, Mouse Colony Manager

Email: cingersoll(at)

Xinrong Jiang, Research Technician III

Email: xjiang(at)

Prachi Tripathi

Email: prachi(at)

Vivek Upadhyay, Research Technician

Email: vaupad(at)

Mozelle Long, Research Technician

Email: mozelle(at)


Sr. Staff:

Jihee Kim, PhD

Email: jiheekim(at)

Helen Yao, PhD

Email: helen(at)


Jr. Faculty:

Kunhong (Kevin) Xiao, PhD

Email: khxiao(at)

SeungKirl Ahn, PhD

Email: sa(at)


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Makoto Hara, PhD

Email: mhara(at)

Alem Kahsai, PhD

Email: alem(at)

Jeffrey Kovacs, PhD

Email: jjk11(at)

Sudar Rajagopal, MD/PhD

Email: rajag007(at)

Arun Shukla, PhD

Email: arun.shukla(at)

Jinpeng Sun, PhD

Email: jinsun(at)

Ryan Strachan, PhD

Email: ryan.strachan(at)

Dean Staus, PhD

Email: dean(at)

Bjorn Klink, PhD

Email: bjorn(at)

Teng-Yi Huang, PhD

Email: roy(at)


Graduate Students:

Kelly Nobles

Email: kelly(at)

Erin Bressler, 3rd year medical student

Email: eab33(at)

Michael Raisch

Email: michael.raisch(at)

Susan Bai

Email: xb4(at)


Undergraduate/Workstudy Students:

Santosh Shanmuga

Email: santosh_shanmuga(at)

Andrew Kleist

Email: andrew.kleist(at)


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